K – 5th Grade Lesson Plans

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This page has lessons K-5th grade. Click here for 6th-12th grade lesson plans


Kristen Peck – Painted Ice Cream Cones

Grade Level: 2nd


Grade Level: 3rd-5th

Lantern Step-By-Step Directions Youtube Video


Jackie Cassidy – Warhol Soup Can

Grade Level(s): 4th-5th

LeAnne Poindexter – Miro Monoprints

Grade Level(s): 2nd-3rd

Kathryn Hillyer – Digital Collage Names

Grade Level: 5th

Cindy Walker – Fall Leaves

Grade Level:  3rd

Kathryn Hillyer – Non-Objective Mixed Media Monotypes

Grade Level: 4th

Tricia Fuglestad – Wild Things with Visual Texture

Grade Level(s): 1st-2nd

Wild Things Presentation
Wild Things Practice Sheet
Wild Things YouTube Video
Wild Things Artsonia Gallery
Visual Texture Video

Marcia Beckett – What Can You Do With A Dot?

Grade Level: K

Scott Russell – Micrography Self Portraits

Grade Level(s): 4th-5th

Kristen Marra Marek – Holton Rower Tall Paintings aka Pour Paintings

Grade Level(s): 1st-6th

Suzanne Tiedemann – Poppy Field Paintings Inspired by the Wizard of OZ

Grade Level: 2nd

Theresa McGee – Matisse Apples

Grade Level(s): K-2nd

Susan Bivona – Patriotic Portrait

Grade Level(s): 1st-3rd

  Lisa Ricciardelli – 3-D Imaginary Cityscapes

Grade Level(s): 4th-5th

Kathryn Hillyer – Picture Frame Weavings

Grade Level: 3rd



Denise Pannell – Shaving Cream Marbled Starry Nights

Grade Level: 2nd

LeAnne Poindexter – Beautiful Butterlies

Grade Level: 2nd

Angie Golden – Magritte Eyes

Grade Level(s): 4th-6th

Kathryn Hillyer – Jazz Collage

Grade Level: 2nd

Theresa Gillespie – Grant Wood Inspired Landscape Collage

Grade Level(s): 3rd-4th

Hillary Andrlik – Sunflowers

Grade Level(s): K-2nd

Van Gogh Still Life “Detail Detective” for Smartboard

Hillary Andrlik – Chicago Sculpture Relief Skyline

Grade Level(s): 3rd-5th


Grade Level(s): K-5th

The Creative Activity Youtube Video


Kristen Marra Marek –Holton Rower Tall Paintings aka Pour Paintings

Grade Level(s): 1st-6th

Theresa McGee – 2-Point Perspective Tree House

Grade Level(s): 5th and up

  Theresa GillespieComplementary Zebras

Grade Level: 5th Grade

More student examples here and here.

  Katherine DouglasSilkscreen Printing

Grade Level(s): 3rd and up

Video of students printmaking: cutting stencils, silk screen center 1, silk screen center 2, silk screen reflection.

Andrea SlusarskiColor Schemes

Grade Level: 5th Grade

Slideshare Presentation

Additional Examples

Lauren Wenk – Abstract Linear Composition

Grade Level(s): 2nd and up

  Theresa McGeeInventions to Make the World a Better Place

Grade Level(s): 4th and up

Podcast Examples


Tricia FuglestadDifferent is Good

Grade Level(s): 2nd- 5th


Susan Tiemstra – Simple Machine Tool Collograph Print Based on Jim Dine 

Grade Level: 4th Grade

Rina VinetzCalder Wire Sculpture

Grade Level: 5th

Link to lesson in Powerpoint 

  Holly Bess KincaidIlluminated Manuscripts 

Grade Level: 4th

Prezi with Embedded Link to Google Art Project Collection

See the NBC segment featuring Holly using Google Art Project in her classroom.

  Andrea SlusarskiCollage Landscapes

Grade Level 5th

Link to Powerpoint presentation

More Student Examples

Online post of lesson


  Mary Kulas – Amazing Dragons of Color

Grade Levels: 1st-2nd

  Theresa GillespieBirdbath Sculptures

Grade Level: 4th


  Usha Cottrell – Kandinsky Shapes Tints ColorsQuick Lesson Tips

Grade Levels: 2nd and 3rd

  Lauren Niedergang –  Color Explorers: Experimenting with Color and Light

Grade Levels: PreK-K

  Andrea SlusarskiGiacometti Action Figures lesson

Grade Levels – 3rd-5th

Building wire armature steps

Powerpoint presentation

Student examples

  Jackie CassidyFranz Marc Horse Paintingadditional example

Grade Levels: 3rd-5th

  Denise PannellAndy Warhol Color Theory Animals

Grade Level: 4th Grade

Additional examples: Fish 1, Armadillo, Frog 1, Frog 2

  Jill Sayers – 5 Line Landscapes

Grade Level: Kindergarten

  Lauren Wenk – 101 Things to do with an Alligator

Grade Level: Kindergarten – 2nd

  Hillary AndrlikMystery Me Digital Self-Portraits

Grade Level: 3rd-5th

Mystery Me Materials & ProgramsHow to make photo black & whiteHow to use Photobooth video tutorialMystery Me Templates,

  Theresa McGeeCeramic Frogs in Monet’s Pond 

Grade Levels: 1st – 5th

Suzanne TiedemannGiving Human Characteristics to Inanimate Objects 

Grade Level: 4th Grade

Blog post with Student-created videos and lesson resources
More student examples

  Denise PannellHundertwasser’s Neighborhood

Grade Level: 2nd – 5th

More Images:  1, 2, 3, 4