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Art Teachers Who Blog [feel free to email us your listing or let us know who we are missing]

We’ve started a great list of current bloggers.  Click here to see the latest art ed blogs and rank up your favorites!

Art Teachers on Twitter [feel free to email us your listing]

The teachers listed below are some early adopters in the Twitterverse. Here is a list of over 700 additional art educators on Twitter.

Collaboration Opportunities for Art Teachers:

  • Create Your State– A collaborative art experience inspired by the Texas Chair Project.  For more information on how to participate click here: Create your State!!.
  • The Student Creative is a new collaborative wiki for teachers to help promote and share how creativity is done in schools.
  • The Memory Project is a unique initiative in which art students create portraits (drawings, paintings, digital art, etc) for children and teens around the world who have been orphaned, abandoned, neglected, or otherwise disadvantaged.

State Art Education Associations: