Be a Guest Author or Contributor!

There are four ways you can be a guest author or contributor to The Teaching Palette.

1) Leave a comment.

There is a section for comments on each and every blog post, or article that is written on this site. We welcome and encourage relevant comments and discussion, but fully expect participants to be respectful and considerate of the authors. We reserve the right to moderate, delete or edit comments that are vulgar, disrespectful, spam, clearly off topic, or that are overly promotional. Thank you.

2) Send us a photo, video or presentation to highlight.

Whether it’s your own media or someone else’s that deserves to be featured, we can link to art education-related photos on Flickr, videos on YouTube or TeacherTube, or presentations on SlideShare. If the photo, video or presentation is your own and you’d like it to be hosted on Flickr, YouTube, TeacherTube or SlideShare, send us an email with the details and, assuming it fits our art education themes, we’ll work with you to feature it.

3) Write a review.

Our popular product review section features teacher-authored reviews of art games, books, multimedia (audio/video), technology and gadgets, and tools and miscellaneous. If you’d like to submit a review, we’ve made the process very easy. First, send us a quick email with a short description and/or link of the product you plan to review. Once we’ve approved it, just completely fill out this review submission form, save the completed form to your computer and then email it to us.

4) Write an article, aka a blog post.

We accept articles only from practicing educators in a school or museum setting. We feature a variety of art integrated subject areas that you can write about. First, send us a quick pitch with a short description of the topic you’d like to cover and why you feel it’s important for art educators. We’ll either give you the green light or work with you to mold the topic to better fit our needs. Here are our four primary subject matters:

Classroom Management – Do you have a unique experience or tip to share about classroom management? Our classroom management category is further broken into six subcategories – managing challenging students, clean-up and transition, conflict resolution, off-task behavior, and organization and preparation.

Teaching Techniques – We’re also interested in receiving articles on art teaching techniques, including anecdotes, best practices and recommendations.

Music + Art Integration – The intersection of art and music is critical to the learning process and can be interpreted, enhanced and experienced in a variety of ways. This is your chance to share your thoughts and ideas on the topic of introducing music in the classroom. For a guest authored piece, perhaps you highlight one piece of artwork and discuss the music and musicians/composers that were popular during the era when the artwork was created.

Cool and creative – This is our catch-all category for most other art education-related topics. If your topic doesn’t clearly fit in one of the above-mentioned three categories, chances are we’ll squeeze it in here.

Submission Guidelines

  • You must be a practicing educator in a school or museum setting.
  • You must source material and media that isn’t yours. When possible, use a link as part of the source credit.
  • Preferred word length = 200 to 800 words.
  • We encourage photos and video – just send us the links or attachments.
  • If you’re including music, we prefer you use FineTune or Amazon’s mp3 clips widget.  Be sure to send the exact HTML code for your widget when you submit the content.
  • Content must be non-promotional, unbiased and completely objective (no advertisements for your own service, product or self).
  • You must include a two or three sentence bio that will be published with your name on your article.

Example 1: Jane Doe is an elementary art teacher in Columbus, Ohio. She has been teaching for 25 years.

Example 2: With more than XX years of art education experience at the [insert grade level(s)], John Doe believes [insert mantra here]. His interests are [list interests]. [Firstname] is a [job title] at [school name] in [city, state/country].