Favorite Art Education Blogs

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I’ve been teaching long enough to remember when visiting an art website meant only seeing few images of art from a famous dead painter and the text from a paper written in Art History 303. One time I actually displayed a Monet site on my computer just before my principal observed me, cuz you know, I was going to impress her or something. (The funny part is that she was impressed.)

Today we have some amazing teachers sharing real content on what goes on in contemporary art classrooms.  We share lesson ideas, embed YouTube videos, and advocate for quality art education.  Thanks to social media we are able to share this content and collaborate together.

Check out this amazing list of art education blogs recommended by art teachers around the world.  This list is interactive! Please join in and add your favorite art ed blog and help sort the list by ranking up your favorites.

Favorite Art Education Blogs
  • The Teaching Palette is a blog authored by art educators for art educators. Our goal is to provide a collaborative and resourceful forum where art specialists of all levels can explore professional topics that impact our subject area – from classroom management to tools and techniques to integrating music.

  • This is not your typical art teacher blog. This is a humor blog.
    You will not find cool lesson plans or pictures of student art work here. There are many other (better) blogs out there where you can find that sort of thing. Here you will be given a glimpse into the everyday life of an elementary art teacher.
    This blog is not safe for children.

  • This blog is a conversation of how to teach our mini's. Let's share great ideas and creative attitude. We can make this big world a little smaller.

  • My name is Ted Daniel Edinger, but you can call me Mr. E.

  • Art Lessons for Kids

  • I teach ART to children. The best job ever! Developing dynamic multimedia presentations to introduce my students to the wonderfully freeing world of art is what I love doing. After my classes learn about featured artists and art history, they take what they learned and mix it with their own creativity to create masterpieces. Critical thinking and problem solving skills is a natural result of the art making process, and become skills these students will use throughout their lives no matter where their roads take them.