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iPad Photo Stand

iPad Photo StandSince Artsonia started allowing students to photograph upload their own artwork this year, I wanted to make sure that the quality of the photographs wasn’t sacrificed.  The number one mistake kids make (especially the younger ones) is to photograph their artwork at an angle instead of squared away for accurate cropping.

This iPad photo stand was created by my awesome custodian using repurposed materials.  The only thing that he bought was the plexiglass.

Cardboard iPad Photo StandCreate Your Own iPad Stand from a Cardboard Box! 

As it turns out, Artsonia is also working on a way help kids take good photographs of their artwork. Tiffany from Artsonia sent me some pictures of the iPad photo stand they created using only a cardboard box and two under cabinet lights.
Here are the details so you can make your own for about $20!

  • Find a strong cardboard box. (The box dimension in the photo is 18″x16″x12″).
  • Three of the four flaps are extended as “legs” reinforced with duct tape in the corners and the 4th flap is taped up inside the box to allow room to slide artwork in/out.
  • The two under-cabinet portable lights shown in the picture are made by Lights of America, Model 7108 (13″, 8 watts). I found them online for about $10 each.

Artsonia Classroom Mode (is awesome)

Getting kids to take their own photos and add artist statements has been fantastic experience this year.  Not only do I get a ton of time back by the kids photographing and uploading their own artwork, but they also learn some basic photography skills.  Since artwork is uploaded immediately, the students can also write their artist statement at the same time instead of waiting until the following class for their artwork to be published.  The video below shows a student going through basic upload process.

Important QR scanning tip – use a QR reader that will redirect you to Safari automatically.  Staying within the QR reader can cause issues with upload.  I prefer the QR reader NeoReader that allows you to go automatically to Safari in the settings.

But, I only have access to one iPad
If you’re in a one iPad classroom (or using your own), have the students take the picture and skip the editing and artist statement.  The key to saving huge time is to get the artwork photographed and assigned to the right student.  Once the photo is submitted by the student, as the teacher you can access the submitted work to crop the image after class.  And if you have access to computers, the students can photograph with the iPad and then go to a computer to finish the artist statement using the class code provided.

Update 1/6/14:  Thanks to my PLN, I learned this other super easy way to make an iPad stand using acrylic riser stands.

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  • March 9, 2014


    This is fabulous! Any chance that you could share info on the construction and materials for the one your custodian made?

  • July 26, 2014


    this looks GREAT! What size/height of riser stand do you think works best?

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