Create Your Own Detail Detective

Engaging students of all levels though a detail search of an image is a great way to introduce a unit or fill a few minutes of extra time at the end of class. A few of my favorite online sources include:
What is it?
Carpet Hunt
Albright-Knox Art Games
Getty Detail Detective
Can You Find the Detail?

However, you may want to customize your detail search to a lesson you are teaching. In this case, you could easily design your own in a few short minutes. The video below illustrates how to create a detail detective game using iPhoto (although our demo uses iPhoto, adaptations can be made using other photo programs):

Can’t view video above? Click here.

Here are the steps:
1. Photograph a print or pull a large image from the Internet to a photo manipulation program.
2. Duplicate the image several times.
3. Crop duplicate images in different areas
4. Project electronically on a screen or print image details for a low tech version.

Theresa McGee

Hello! My name is Theresa McGee and I am a National Board Certified Art Teacher and Apple Distinguished Educator teaching in Hinsdale, Illinois. My curriculum is structured around creative thinking and technology integration into the learning process. I have authored eighteen articles for the Tech4ArtEd Column in SchoolArts Magazine and several iTunes U courses for professional development. I've presented at the state and national levels including several online webinars for art educators. In 2010, I was awarded Illinois Elementary Art Educator of the Year and in 2011 I was awarded the national PBS Teacher Innovator award. I love to share ideas that contribute to the art education profession!


  • March 19, 2010

    joan anderson

    Hi liked your quiz videoTheresa that I just saw here on abstract, realistic and non-objective art!

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