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There has been an explosion of Web 2.0 tools for educators. Recently, National Art Education Association (NAEA) launched an online interactive tool for Elementary Art Specialists. The goal is to link teachers with a common bond: young children and art. Escape the isolation of your classroom and communicate with other elementary art teachers on topics that impact art education.

Another great interactive resource is Art Education 2.0 reaching all levels of art education. Art Education 2.0 has over 3,000 members and counting. Find information on anything from teaching animation to VoiceThread to innovative teaching ideas in technology. To learn more about the Art Education 2.0 social network, watch the video below.

Learn about art or any other topic that interests you on Twitter. Not sure how to begin? An earlier post on Twitter may help you get started. Also, click on the SchoolArts icon below for some great ideas on using Twitter and other Web 2.0 tools from the March issue.

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Hillary Andrlik + Theresa McGee

The founders and primary authors of this blog are Hillary Andrlik and Theresa McGee, who both teach elementary art in the Chicagoland area. Hillary has been teaching art since 2002, received her art education degree from Illinois State University and masters from National Louis University. Theresa has been teaching since 1997 and received her bachelors degree from Northern Illinois University and masters from Benedictine University. In 2008, Theresa became a National Board Certified Teacher. Both Hillary and Theresa have earned the honor of being Illinois Elementary Art Educator of the Year. Together, Hillary and Theresa have presented at Illinois Art Education Association Conference on topics ranging from classroom management to technology and each have presented on numerous other occasions for other organizations.


  • February 17, 2009

    Clive Goodinson

    Interactive web comics are a great way to inspire and motivate students to learn. If you’re interested in creating comics online, we invite you to check out

    You can design every aspect of your character, and move it into any pose you want. All you have to do is click-and-drag to change or reposition any part of it – the creative and artistic possibilities are endless!

    Share with others, post to blog or remix comics to add your own twist. Read comics in over 40 languages, with our automatic translation by Google. Language filters, privacy settings, and flagging mechanisms help preserve a safe online environment.

    We welcome you to try it with your students and tell us what you think, sign-up is free!

    Creator of Pixton – Interactive Web Comics

  • February 24, 2009

    jan (School_Marm)

    Hi………I’m enjoying the blog. Y’all are doing a great job.

    Would you add me to your Twitter teachers list and your blogging teachers list?

    I’m from Virginia and my Twitter name is School_Marm.

    My blog is

    Thanks! jan

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