Dealing with Excessively Social and Off-Task Behavior

Student conversation in the art room often inspires collaboration and creative thinking. However, these conversations can also become excessive and disruptive to learning. Learn strategies on how to keep students on-task and control noise levels through clear and consistent expectations.  Check out our tip sheet for “Dealing with Excessively Social and Off-Task Classes.”

Hillary Andrlik + Theresa McGee

The founders and primary authors of this blog are Hillary Andrlik and Theresa McGee, who both teach elementary art in the Chicagoland area. Hillary has been teaching art since 2002, received her art education degree from Illinois State University and masters from National Louis University. Theresa has been teaching since 1997 and received her bachelors degree from Northern Illinois University and masters from Benedictine University. In 2008, Theresa became a National Board Certified Teacher. Both Hillary and Theresa have earned the honor of being Illinois Elementary Art Educator of the Year. Together, Hillary and Theresa have presented at Illinois Art Education Association Conference on topics ranging from classroom management to technology and each have presented on numerous other occasions for other organizations.

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