Australian Didgeridoo

I have always been fascinated by the beauty of Indigenous Australian art.  Even more impressive is how the art is combined with a functional instrument. The traditional didgeridoo instrument is made from a Eucalyptus tree branch or trunk that has been hollowed out by termites. Listen to the sound this work of art creates.


Discussion Questions:

1.  What kind of sound did you expect to hear?  Why?

2.  How is this instrument like other instruments you are familiar with? Can you think of an another instrument that was created by a visual artist? Do you think changing the shape of the didgeridoo would change the sound?

3.  Why do you think the Indigenous Australians created this musical instrument?

Theresa McGee

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  • October 14, 2008


    Didgeridoos can be made out of pvc pipe. Here’s a link to making them:
    It’s interetesting to think about how physical shape changes sound. Iin this case, the length of the didgeridoo changes the pitch. “Sculpting Sounds!”

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