Henri Rousseau sounds of nature

Henri Rousseau, Tropical Forest with Monkeys, 1910

Bring your students into a Rousseau Jungle. Although he never visited a jungle during his lifetime, Rousseau might have enjoyed using his auditory senses to create his work.  Use the sounds of nature to enhance the learning experience.

Image Source:  National Gallery of Art 

Use the detail images below to identify animals and sounds in the jungle.

Black and White Colobus | Black Mamba | Tamarin | Howler 

Discussion Questions:

1.  Pretend you are sitting in this jungle.  What kind of sounds would you hear?

2.  What kind of animals do you see in the painting? Can you hear any of these animals in the nature sounds played?  Do you hear any other sounds that you can’t see in the painting? Do you think those animals might be there?

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